Public Beta

Public Beta Version

We are going to start posting beta versions of the next release as they are available. We will post what bugs the beta version addresses and any new features it has that you can try out.

We invite you to try it and see how it does. Please provide feedback to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on any new problems you encounter and if it fixes a bug you had noticed in the released version.

If you are not experiencing issues with the release version, you may want to just wait for the next release.

The Public Betas are Updates. They must be installed over an existing, working version or they will not run.

Pilot2ATC Update Public Beta2a

Public Beta 2a

  • Fixes the reduced sound volume problem when using the Speech Recognized Tone
  • Enables the use of words like "LINK", "INNER", "OUTER" in taxiway names

Public Beta 1b

  • Fixes a problem with the drawing of some approaches

Public Beta 1a

  • Fixes taxi instructions at some airports
  • Fixes issue with MakeRunways Import of New Airports
  • Fixes an issue with bogus altitude assignments on some descents

Public Beta 1

  • Adds Accessibility Names to Buttons
  • Organizes Main Window for easier Accessibility
  • Adds Help Tips to many Buttons
  • Adds PTT Pressed Tone that sounds when PTT button is pressed
  • Fixes a bug in Taxi Mnt related to deleting Taxi Points
  • Fixed Taxiway Import timeout error
  • Fixes some problems with Procedure display
  • Fixes some issues with vectors to approach
  • Enables use of either style of Airline Call Sign (1415 as either fourteen fifteen, or one four one five)
  • Fixes issue of Radar Control/Director being skipped at some airports
  • Fixes P3D Flt Plan import of VFR plan with an airport as a waypoint
  • Fixes issue of Approach being assigned for departure when Radar Dir is available
  • Adds pause after ATC or pilot speaks before resuming chatter - half the Min Pause time
  • Adds PlayChatter indicator/Button on Main Window
  • Fixes issue with P2A not always fully shutting down with X-Plane
  • Fixes issue with FSX Root Folder option for Importing Taxiways
  • Fixes issue with Com1/Com2 swap not working in MSFS
  • Fixes problems with importing of MSFS Flight Plans